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There is more to Window Tinting than meets the eye. Window Tint or Film has been around for a long time. Factory glass comes pre-tinted using coloring techniques not available in the after-market applications. That’s OK because you still have many options for professional tinting that suits your budget and the look and feel that you desire. Not all tint is the same and we’ll show you some of the differences.

In Arizona you can get many different brands of tint, but the basic levels are:


Our clean application process is done in a way to ensure against any defects in craftsmanship – guaranteed.  However, you may want to choose a Tint that carries additional warranties and provides a quality that is superior to the others. All of our window tinting packages are fine options, but one may fit your needs better than the others do. Let’s take a look.

Window Tinting Materials

Premium: Our super premium product is SunTek CXP, this film utilizes nano technology which carries an inferred inner layer blocking out near 75% of heat with a lifetime guarantee.

Premium: Our premium product is SunTek HP, this is a metalized film with 99% UV rejection and carries a lifetime guarantee.

Dyed Base:  SunTek standard is a dyed film that holds a 3 year limited warranty.
*All of our tint applications have extended warranties available that can protect against accidental scratching and damage for $39.95. If you throw a lot of cargo in your vehicle and have kids, you may want to consider the extended warranty on any tint application.
Arizona is one of the sunshine states that makes window tinting a necessity. Auto tint gives a cooler riding experience that provides UV and heat protection for the inside of your car, please come to the pros and get it done right. Our tint will not bubble, crack, or falter because of workmanship or application defects.
*We tint every type of vehicle from Mercedes to commercial fleet vehicles. We do the job clean and perfect every time.

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